Database Targeting

Reach the Right Audience with Database Segmentation!

Target Marketing Will SAVE Advertising Dollars For Your Company

Find out the demographics of clients that are most interested in certain products and services – Put your advertising budget to smarter use. Young couples with small children are not interested in nursing home insurance, but they may be a good candidate for term life and disability insurance.

With database segmentation services, or database targeting, from Color Web Printers, you will reach your target audience, so you can put the products or services that will help them in front of them.

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Database Segmentation

Our demographics database can help nearly any business, from banks to retailers by pinpointing age, household income, marital status and what industry they work in. Even hobbies and interests, loan information, and types of vacations they take can be available so you can target the people who will most likely want your product or need your service.

Choose the Right Audience

Getting your message to the right people will generate more high quality leads and that could be the difference between a failed marketing campaign and one that generates high returns.

In fact, up to 40% of direct mail success depends on choosing the correct list of prospects. We can help flesh out the clients who are most likely to have a need for your product or service and use target marketing to get their attention, and increase your return on investment.

Database Targeting for Identifying Potential Clients:

  • Household Demographics – Marital status, parental status, number of adults and children in the home, number of generations in the household, occupations and more.
  • Homeowner Status – Homeowner vs. renter, dwelling size, purchase amount range, median home value, loan amount range, purchase year of the home, age of home and more.
  • Individual Information – Date of birth, education, ethnicity, language preference, religion code, voter party and more.
  • Interests – Arts, mechanics, health and beauty, career, children’s interests, collectibles, community involvement and charities, cooking , cultural interests, DIY living, and more.
  • Buying Behaviors – Apparel, arts, furniture, books, children’s toys and clothes, computers and electronics, credit card use, financial services, health and beauty, pets, vacation preferences, musical instruments and more
  • Auto Ownership – Make, model, year, type of vehicle, motorcycle interests, RV ownership, etc.
  • Health Related Information – Allergies, disabilities, disorders, diseases, senior needs, organic and homeopathic focus, etc.
  • Technology Preferences – Internet provider, type of internet connection, cellular services, software interests, wireless products, etc.
  • Wealth Indicators – Investment interests, insurance, estimated income, net worth, economic stability, etc.
  • Life Events – College graduate, expectant parent, child nearing high school graduation, new parents, recent home buyer, divorce, loss of spouse, empty-nester, etc.

Knowing the indicators and demographics above can help you make better decisions about marketing strategies.

Customer / House List – Have a customer database or house list and want to know what demographics fit your best customer profile?  Yes, we can help with that too, and clean up your database in the process!

Better for Your Budget – Better for the Earth

The less of your direct mail goes straight to the trash the more effective your campaign will be, and the less waste your company will contribute to the planet. Go GREEN by reducing the unnecessary mailings and targeting the demographics that will be interested in your offer.

The Best Timing for Your Campaign

Order your database selection list just before you’re ready to launch your campaign to make sure the data is as up-to-date as possible. The lists go out-of-date at a rate of 15% per year. People’s marital status change, they buy houses, get new jobs and move out of town. Your direct mail campaign will yield better results if the list is fresh.

Call us today to find out more about how database selection can help your company thrive!