Direct Mail

Getting Your Word Out with Direct Mail Services

Getting your word out with Direct Mail ServicesPrinting pamphlets and stuffing envelopes for a direct mail campaign can be a time consuming feat for any business owner or staff. Color Web Printers has the equipment to print and prepare your marketing materials, like flyers, brochures and billing statements. We have large scale printing presses and envelope stuffers, as well as smaller equipment for smaller scale projects.

Give your clients a reason to come back with transpromotional marketing

Transpromotional marketing allows you to send marketing messages to customers whenever you have to communicate with them.

Nobody likes to get a bill, but what if you can give your clients a discount off future products or services? Transpromotional mailings combine CRM (customer relationship management) and data mining technology with variable data printing and local intelligence. By printing a coupon or special offer code on the invoice or bill you send out, you’ll definitely get your customer’s attention.

Since you have to send out your bills anyway, why not use the valuable real estate that is available and save some money on postage? When we print your bills or statements, we can add a discount or promotion for your clients, and even personalize that offer to them. For instance, if your bank will be having a saving for retirement class, and you wish to target people in their 30s and 40s and encourage them to attend the free event. We can print an advertisement for just those clients, and a different one for clients that meet different demographics.

Database Services – Target Your Audience

Why send marketing materials to people who don’t fit your audience. If you’re spending money on marketing efforts, reach the right demographics for your marketing campaign. We have access to mailing lists that can target your potential clients by neighborhood, city, age, marital status, whether or not they have children and more. Selecting the right mailing distribution list helps you reach the people who might need your products or services and save money in print costs and postage.

Don’t Lick a Single Envelope – Envelope Printing and Stuffing

Color Web Printers has an on-site post office, so we can get your marketing materials and direct mail sent to your clients and potential clients as quickly as possible. Since we can do all the mailing, it helps you streamline your billing and direct mailing process and simplify your marketing. No you can let your employees do what they do best, and we will take care of the little things like stuffing envelop mailers and sending marketing materials.

Let us do your busy work and save time, money and paper!

  • Let us do your busy work and save time, money and paper!Direct Mailings
  • Billing Statements
  • Bank Statements
  • Marketing Materials
  • Transpromotional Marketing
  • Envelope Printing and Stuffing
  • On-site Post Office for Mailing
  • Fundraiser Advertisements
  • Wedding Invitation Printing and Mailing
  • Any Printing Job – Any Size at the Best Price Possible

Whether you have an one-time direct mailing need, or monthly billing and promotions that you need to get out to clients, we provide quality printing, on-time delivery and on budget.