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free white paper-how to measure the value of web to print

Is Web To Print a solution that makes sense for your bottom line?


In the face of ever-increasing customer demands and competitive pressures, companies in virtually all industries are aggressively seeking ways to reduce costs and improve the productivity of their business operations.


Web-to-print solutions enable companies to reduce supply chain costs, substantially reduce obsolescence waste, and improve marketing effectiveness by facilitating the expanded use of customized marketing materials.


Despite these powerful benefits, many managers don’t have a clear picture of how valuable a web-to-print solution would be for their company.


These white papers explain how to answer that critical question.

  • How web-to-print solutions create value
  • The 2 types of benefits that web-to-print solutions provide and how their value is determined
  • How to calculate the ROI of a web-to-print solution

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